Monday, April 20, 2009


Rainy grey blah day. DD and I were discussing how fortunate it was for the robins, who LOVE to eat worms, that the rain makes the worms come out. And it is especially rainy in the spring, right when the robins need the most worms to feed their babies. Kind of cool, that. Of course, it would be better if it didn't involve rainy gray blah days and everything smelling like wet worms. I would also appreciate if somebody would tell these pugs that they are DOGS and not robins, and have no need to slurp up the bloated worms on the patio like buccatini. Wormy smelling outside the house, and pugs with worm breath inside the house. Plus the aroma of wet dog is not exactly enticing. Dry pugs smell like socks and fritos. Wet pugs just smell like wet dog. With worm breath. Pew! Did you ever think you would willingly read anything containing the word "worm" so many times? Worm worm wormy worm worm. My work is done here. WORM!

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JenTX said...

OK, it has officially been over a whole month since you've posted. I know you're busy but come onnnnn, we need a Dances fix!

Whatcha been up to? Huh? Huh? :-)