Saturday, May 23, 2009

Madder than a wet hen

I know there are days in every marriage when a person thinks "I don't know if I can put up with this". And I know I have had more than my own fair share of those moments, being as I am self-centered, anxiety ridden, and the instant-gratification queen. But today? I am ready to compost him today. He has been a miserable ass all day. He told DD she could have a friend sleep over, then has been a bear. Miserable about cooking them dinner (you wanna eat meat? You cook it). Miserable, yet offers to take them for ice cream. Insists that I go "for the ride" - which apparently means "so I can pay". DD asked for a banana split twister thingy, I said NO. DH said 'sure, why not?' then was pissed off when she found pineapple in it and refused to eat it. Then he was MORE pissed off that he gave up his own sundae to her, and almost lost his mind when she took two bites, then SPIT BACK INTO THE BOWL and said she couldn't eat it because there were nuts on it. Her friend did not like her sundae aither (she claims she did not know 'hot fudge' meant chocolate - which she does not like). So now he is upstairs pouting, and I am out almost $15.00 for ice cream nobody ate. The girls accurately guessed my feelings for their little games and decided to go for a bike ride. All day I have been trying to mind my own business and do the things I planned. I weeded the garden beds and prepared the back for planting. I shopped for a few plants I needed and some fill in stuff for the garden. I cooked my own dinner on the crappy back burner we both hate to use and ate out of a bowl because we have no plates (these two use a big plate for every darn thing, then act surprised when there are no plates clean for dinner). What do I get for my trouble? My car was parked on the road while DH hosed off the pool cover. Somebody scraped my car from stem to stern, all down the drivers side. DH is acting all "big deal, it's just a scratch". And friends, at that moment, when he said those words, I wanted to hurt him. I am going to lie on the floor now and calm down.


Sheila said...

Been there, felt that!! Some days I have to wonder why I even get out of bed--just to put up with "attitude". I hope things get better for you soon.

Jen_TX said...

It must be something in the air or the way the planets are aligned cause I've been annoyed at my husband for the past few days. Thank goodness my kids are in college and aren't living at home or I'm sure they'd be irritating me too (they are both male). Grrrrrrrr. It'd certainly be a good long while before they got ice cream again. Bet they don't dare ask if they're smart!