Monday, May 25, 2009

Wanna see mah dirt?

Here it is. My dirt. Isn't it loverly? You can't see it yet, but there are beans and peas and corn, carrots and beets and radishes. Those limp bleached out looking things lost in the farthest right hand bed? Yeah, those would be shocky tomato plants. Who knew heirlooms were such sissies about a little scorching heat then damp cold? Along the back is a gianormous rhubarb plant, then some unruly asparagus, and a coddled ginko tree that is starting to outgrow it's spot. The poor thing wasn't even supposed to live, and there it is taking over the world, starting with the corner of the garden! Although it does hide the view of the junk tossed behind the shed.
The dogs haven't come to terms with the fact that this is MY dirt, and not theirs.
You can see snippets of the patio DH just put in for me, a place where I can sit and look at the garden while DD swims in the pool. There wasn't a good place to sit before, that was close enough to really keep an eye on things. He even made a path all the way from the side patio to the back patio. It's funny to watch the dogs, they love to follow the path. Pugs are a little bit OCD. Maybe that's why I love them so much ROFL.
I love columbine. Don't you?
I tried to take even more garden photos, but this odd black blur kept appearing in all of them. I wonder what it might be. Hmmmmmm.
(Here's a little hint)


Anonymous said...

Very pretty. And those "odd black blurs" are a cute addition!


Anonymous said...

Looks loverly... you will enjoy it soo much -- ps.. if you have any thoughts about permanently doing away with those icecream morons.. those beds look like the right size to bury any evidence of foul play... and maybe those wimpy tomatos would perk up...
tee hee...