Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Have you met Dazzle?

No, I don't believe I have introduced Dazzle. After Sparkle was put to sleep, we knew we had to get another hamster. She is friendly, but not nearly as easy to pick up as Sparkle. When she sees your hand coming, she takes a run for it. And is she FAST. But once you have her, she is fine and even seems to enjoy it. She has had her share of adventures already, and we haven't had her long. This last time, we knew she had been out for a while and I figured we couldn't hear her rustling around because she had gone to sleep somewhere. I found her curled up in a kleenex box (under the tissues, mind you) at the bottom of DD's bookcase, hidden under some books and a paper towel.
Isn't she cute?

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Anonymous said...

She's adorable. My two granddaughters each have a pet rat. "Pearl" and "Violet". They are so cute, sociable and mischevious. They are scheduled to be guests at the girls' school today. (Oh, the social whirl!)