Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There is just no pleasing me.

Like that is news to anybody here, right? Tee hee!
The weather has turned quite hot, and we had to concede defeat and turn on the air. Sleeping was getting hard (I hate being hot and stuffy when I try to sleep) and the dogs were starting to suffer. Pugs need cool and that is that.
Now, I sweat outside and I freeze inside. We have the temp set at a sensible level, not like a deep freeze. But while I don't really like the heat, I can't handle air conditioning either. So here I sit - while it is hot enough to fry eggs outside - with long pants, socks, and a sweater on. DH asked if I wanted him to make it cooler because he still finds it a little warm. If he turns it down any more, I might need a parka and a quilt.
Completely unrelated, but every day when I come home from work, this is what is waiting for me in the yard. Aren't they cuties?

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