Thursday, August 06, 2009

Indian food - 1, DancesInGarden - 0

I probably did not mention it here, but I had cleaned the microwave. And yes, it WAS a big deal because the microwave was disgusting and cleaning it was a trip and a half. It was such a feat that even DH mentioned I should blog that I finished it ROFL. Well. We have been doing really well and not 'sploding food in there. WERE doing well. And I was the one that broke the clean streak, which makes it hurt all the worse. I can't even yell at anybody else for doing it. See, I had this package of indian food (a chickpea tomatoey stew with potatoes and onions). Shelf stable, just toss in the microwave and serve over rice. Easy peasy, basmati rice takes only about 10 minutes and I had dinner right quick. Put the bowl containing the stew in the microwave, set it for a conservative amount of time (my microwave is gianormous and way strong, so I always have to lower times on packages) and took a quick skip to the loo. By the time I got back, the rice was done resting and the microwave had beeped. I opened the door, took a moment, then gasped loud enough to make DH and DD come running. Of course, once I was able to exhale I let out a bray of laughter that scared both dogs. Ruby did the cartoon run on the linoleum floor before taking off grunting into the living room, and Max was so spooked he ran full speed into the glass patio door trying to get outside. This did not help me at ALL. I laughed so hard that I hyperventilated. DH and DD thought I was a looney before, but now they know for SURE. What makes it even worse than it being MY mess? The food wasn't all that great. It had too much chili in it so it was very bitter. I have a disgusting, stinky mess to clean, and it wasn't even a good meal. I think I should stick with cereal and soy milk for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mess, but I got a big laugh out of picturing the dogs exiting (or trying to) the room.


pplantlady said...

Bwahahaha! Too funny and sorry Dances. I thought I'd share a quick tip with you though on cleaning that mess. Wet and wring out a tea towel, fold it in a square to fit the oven and NUKE IT for a minute or two. Then just wipe. Easy...Peezy! Keep up the make me laugh.
born in Hamilton...residing in LA

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing like a loon from your description! Hope you write to the Company & complain -- I've done it a couple of times & have been sent coupons to use in the grocery store...

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dances! You make us wait for your blogs, but I must say, they are worth the wait!

Love your story and the mental pic of the doggies trying to run for their lives made me laugh.