Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Haunting!

I ran out of time when making these costimes, so had to use yarn to tie them on instead of sewing on proper bands and things. But for a couple of bucks worth of felt they turned out pretty darn cute!

Ruby was THRILLED to wear her costume. Every time I tried it on to fit it, she would wag her curly little tail and jump up to give me kisses and snottings. Somehow I managed to put her "zombie wounds" too far back. The way I split it so that her tail wasn't bothered made it fit funny (which happens when you are shaped like a potato bug). People kept wanting to call her a LADYBUG. Sheesh.

Max sat so nicely for all his fittings (he is such a good boy) but had no idea what was going on in general. It's his first halloween with us, and I don't know if they had trick or treaters where he was before. I passed out candy from in the yard with the dogs, because Max would cry and whine if I sat on the porch (and Ruby wanted to sit on my lap anyway). Since he barked his fool head off and charged the fence like a dog with rabies, he played the killer zombie dog part to perfection. I am working on him to become better at meeting people.

There were a few new things to add to the display this year (works in progress as far as how to display them). Made from styrofoam heads which I painted, then applied paper masks using instructions and printouts from here.

There is the rotating demon head:

And the two grave escapers. The heads are taped onto bowls, with "umble ball" dog toys under them. The whole thing sits in a cardboard water bottle case as a base. As the bumble balls hit the sides of the bowl, they move around and jerk back and forth. Kind of kitchy and twitchy and looked cool covered in leaves (which promptly blew away - very windy tonight). Next year these will be refined by replacing the garbage bags with shirts and so on. Not bad for a first trial though, for under ten bucks each including the garbage bags.

And just to end the evening, gratuitous shrunken baby head photo.

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