Monday, November 30, 2009

Eating us out of house and home

The lovely child that lives in this house must be about the have the biggest friggen growth spurt ever. Either that or she is about to split via mitosis, like a cell. Perhaps budding is a possibility, although I am pretty sure I have no bacteria nor coral on my side of the family. She has been eating non-stop. To the point of waking up in the middle of the night and asking if she can have a bowl of cereal! Mama is not happy when she is woken in the middle of the night and asked if cereal eating is allowed. No sirree bob. It ranks right up there with being roused rudely awake and informed said child is going to the bathroom (okay, why do I need to be informed of this exactly?). Sometimes she or her father will wake me to point out something one of the animal residents has created in another room. Once DD woke me by slapping me hard on the arm and exclaiming "There is a chicken wing on the floor!". Not the best way to learn the cats had raided the garbage bag in the middle of the night. Wouldn't it have been better - just suppose - to be gently roused by the sounds of family cleaning up the mess? In my my dreams. Sigh. Back to the locust that is currently pacing in the kitchen waiting for more food to materialize out of thin air. This is not the first time this has happened. It is a pattern we recognize right from the time she was a tiny babe in my arms. One minute she wants to eat her weight, then next minute none of her sleepers fit. She has grown right out of the middle of her clothes before too. The length of the pants? Fine. The length of the sleeves? Fine. But the shirt and pants no longer touched in the middle. Other times she has gone from having to roll up her sleeves to see her fingertips, to ripping the shoulder seams trying to pull the cuff down to meet her wrist. Monday her pants are fine, Tuesday the same pants seem to predicting a horrible flood. Another thing we notice is that she will get really clumsy just before or during this growth rush. During the last few days she has managed to bump just about every part of her body on something, even when standing still. And walk? Forget it. I would wrap her in bubble wrap but she would outgrow it before I could finish. I want to go upstairs and make myself a tea, but I am a bit scared she might think I have food and mug me. Maybe if I turn all the lights on as I go and you hold my hand.........

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Anonymous said...

Been there, done that!! I have 2 daughters who outgrew me by the time they were 10--I am barely 5'1" tall or short as my family would say. I now have a 20 year old who is almost 6' tall and a 23 year old who is about 5'6" tall. I didn't feel so bad about the first outgrowing her clothes as I had the second daughter to clothe too--then the second passed up the first and hand-me-downs didn't work any more. The older didn't want to wear the youngers clothes. How about shoes? I had to buy shoes about every 3 months--talk about expensive. I would love for my kids to be younger again--it goes much too fast and before you know it, they are grown. Enjoy it while you can.
And the waking up in the middle of the night thing--mine learned really quickly not to wake me unless there was blood or broken bones involved!! Good luck with that.