Monday, August 17, 2009

It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye

For reasons known only to pugs, Max decided to have a wild hair today, and foraged in DD's room while we were out. From the bed covered in about two tonnes of stuffed animals, he chose DD's favourite (favourite at the moment, anyway). From the looks of the poor porcupine webkin, it's head was sucked on and the right eye was definitely chewed off and presumably eaten. Poor, poor Marshmallow. What did she ever do to deserve such rough treatment? Thank goodness the carnage ended there. I managed to dry DD's tears with a promise of finding a button or something to repair poor Marshmallow with, and explaining that Max really doesn't understand the difference between HER toys and HIS toys, and he didn't mean to hurt her feelings. The whole time he looked awfully guilty and sulked around her, trying to lick her tears and lay on her lap. Eventually she forgave him. Fast forward to bedtime, and DD is very tired. Daycamp takes it right out of her, plus she played outside a long time and had a swim. She looked Marshmallow over, trying to judge if the poor thing is too contaminated with doggie spit to still cuddle with while sleeping. She gasped, then started crying. The kind of gut wrenching sobs that make you want to sell your soul, if only you could make them stop....make whatever is making her feel this way go away forever. It seems Marshmallow the porcupine is missing the same eye that Sparkle had trouble with. Open the floodgates for memories and sad feelings over Sparkle the wonderful hamster that we had to put to sleep. What are the odds???? Is the universe trying to tell us something? Is the spirit of Sparkle the wonder hamster reaching out to communicate with us from 'beyond'? Nah. Max just didn't have enough time to eat the other eye. Note to self: make an effort to close DD's door when we leave the house.