Monday, January 25, 2010

Orange Season

You know those chocolate oranges that are like wedges wrapped together in a ball with foil? You whack it against something to separate the pieces so you can eat them. DD got one for christmas and liked it so much that somebody gave her another one. Somehow it got left in a bag and placed on the living room floor under the piano. Now, we won't discuss the state of housekeeping that allows a bag to be placed under the piano and not noticed for days at a time, got it? Ruby is the master chocolatier in this house. She can sniff a crumb of the good stuff from two rooms away. I can't so much as eat a chocolate chip without her insisting on immediately smelling my breath and checking me all over in case I might be harbouring a chipit on my person. Every time she has gotten into something food wise, it has been chocolate. Ruined a couch with individually wrapped, caramel filled chocolate bunnies. Wallowed in a container of fudge. We are talking fudge between the pug toes, in the ears, smooshed into the nose wrinkle. Ate an entire plate of chocolate chip cookies. Her stomach was so bloated she had to lie on her side, and would toot so loud and powerful that her back legs kicked out. We are very thankful that - other than a sleepless night of panting with an upset and very full tummy - she has suffered no ill effects from these instances. Needless to say we have learned to be VERY careful about leaving chocolate where she might get it. Turns out, she does not like ORANGE flavoured chocolate. In fact, she can't even bear the smell and will turn her head with a pronounced "mmmph!" when she encounters the substance. We discovered this when she objected to DD's orange scented breath one night. DD giggled and offered her a sniff of the wedge, and nearly rolled off the couch laughing when she got the disgruntled snorf of rejection LOL. But guess who does NOT hate orange flavoured chocolate? Max, that's who. And he's sneaky about it, too. We never knew he had done anything until DD saw the bag and remembered about the chocolate, and found this: How do we know it was THIS pug: And not THIS one? When we found the evidence, Max got all droopy and crawled across the floor on his belly ROFL! The box was dry, so who knows when he actually did it. Silly thing. Ewwwwwwww! That's a lot of dog licks, to do THAT damage. Blech!

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Anonymous said...

It's good to hear from you. I read about the possibility of a "kidnapping" on the Garden Web and rushed over here.