Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cough cough, hack hack!

Ever have one of those coughs that starts as a tickle at the top of your lungs? Makes your eyes water and your voice break? Then you cough and it sounds horrifying but it just does not satisfy. When you try to take a breath, it starts you coughing even harder. Between the coughing and the gasping and the eyes watering and the nose running, it's a wonder people aren't pulling their shirts up around their faces and avoiding me like the plague. Silly people. Don't know what's good for 'em. I've been sleeping propped up, because if I lie down I feel like I am drowning. Every coughing fit during the night, Max "harumphs" and changes his position. I think at one point he was kicking me to get me to stop. I can tell the noise bothers Ruby too, because I can hear her concerned snort in the dark. Oh, I don't think she is worried about ME per se, but rather she hears a strange noise and is concerned it might be something scary coming to get her. I had gotten some prescription cough medicine, but when Ruby starting talking to me I realized it might not be sitting well with me (I mean really talking. Her little lips were moving, and she was telling me all sorts of things) . That was traded for your basic, off-the-shelf cough medicine. Which I will only take at night. I figure if my body seems to want to get something out of there so bad, who am I to try and stop it? I just wish it would JUMP OUT already. Could you imagine? Sitting in the middle of a meeting, having a coughing fit, and a big lump of boogie coloured evil comes jumping out and lands on the table? For some reason I then picture it doing a short soft-shoe number, ending with "jazz hands" before giving us a salute and escaping into an air duct. Hey, it's my evil and it can dance if it wants to. *Cough*

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