Monday, August 09, 2010

Future Therapist Bill

DD's best friend moved away some months ago. Their house had been rented out, but that went awry, so they came back to clean the place and ready it for selling. We had her over one night, and the next DD spent over there. They found a brown caterpillar in the yard. Knowing it would not survive a 6 hour drive in a car with no air-conditioning, DD decided to bring it home. She was sort of invested because it was her FRIEND'S caterpillar, you see? After a good luck I had to inform the dear child that it was a cut worm. No beautiful butterfly was going to emerge from this thing. DD was afraid to have it in her room while she slept, and afraid to leave it in another room lest it get out and a dog or cat make a snack of it. While I was trying to convince her it would be more fair to "return it to the wild", she dropped the container. Twigs, grass pieces, leaves, everything went flying. She was PANICKING, because Max was coming over and would surely slurp the poor thing up. "So pick it up!" I said. "I don't want to touch it!". I move the chair to get a better look where the container dumped so I could get the thing, and wouldn't you know it? Ran the thing over with my chair. It was quite a scene...DD sobbing hysterically, me apologizing profusely while trying to hide horrified laughter, and DH diligently insisting that this pile of squishy goo was perfectly fine and not hurt at all. "Some worms can be cut right in half, and both ends can live". Perhaps this man has a lazerus machine somewhere that I don't know about, because the poor thing didn't have an inside, an outside, or a middle left - never mind ENDS.


Cate Staks said...

Thanks for the post.. I've missed hearing about you & yoru family!

Anonymous said...

Missed you Dances! Very funny story but did feel bad for your DD. Hope the pups are OK.