Monday, October 25, 2010

Good-bye dear babies

We lost two of our furry friends last night.
The older of our cats, Jasmine, has not been well. We were hoping to have her a little longer, but last night I could tell that she was ready to move on. This picture is from a few years ago before she started with her health problems.
She was a cuddle bunny, and loved to have conversations for as long as you would listen and answer back. Her claim to fame was digging to china in the litter box. One of her favourite things was to sit on your lap, headbutt your hand, knead your leg, and drool all over you while purring like a maniac.
Jasmine could find the lone chicken bone in the middle of a stuffed garbage bag, and extract it with the skill of a surgeon. She loved straws and elastic bands (contraband!). Often you could find her perched on the foot stool in the kitchen watching the goings on, like a lion in the circus waiting for the tamer to crack his leathery whip. She often spoke the name "Raoul". We aren't sure who you are, Raoul, but Jasmine told us all about you.
We loved you, kitkit. And you will be missed.
Dazzle? well Dazzle had NOT been sick. She did not look hurt or damaged in any way. Just curled up in her little corner among her "hidden" piles of corn and sunflower seeds. She looked like she just went off to peaceful sleep, curled up, and adorable as ever.
We called her "Dazzle the Ninja Hamster of Death" because of her ability to dangle from the top of her cage and make her way from one end to the other, before dropping down on her platform and ambush the food dish. She loved pumpkin seeds ("pun tin teeds"), dried corn ("corms"), and especially dehydrated banana chips. She came when she was called, liked to climb on her pal Jasmine when given the chance, and was the light of our DD's life for the short time she was here.
We were better for having known her.

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your news. We've been in that situation way too many times and it's not easy. At least we can love them excessively while they're here with us.