Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome, Skywalker!

We were heartbroken about losing Jasmine. But we knew that we had so much love to give, and there were so many kitties without homes. We spent time with a few candidates before this kitty chose DD. Literally. He claimed her. She kept looking at the baby baby kittens and he insisted that he was the one she was looking for, even though he was a bit older. And who can argue with those blue eyes? Skywalker came from the Humane Society. We were surprised to see him there, a flame point siamese. No idea how anybody could give him up. He is loving and wonderful and adorable and hilarious and soft like a cotton ball. In fact, I often hold him like a baby and tell him in a baby voice that he is a cotton ball. If he is bitey, I say he is a mean old cotton ball, and yell "The cotton ball bites!". If he is purring and lovey I say he is a widdle wovable cotton ball. Why are you looking at me like that? Of course, the house is trashed because everything is a toy and he climbs like a monkey. He cannot stand to see a picture frame standing on any surface. Not sure what I did to deserve another being in this house that feels the tea towels belong on the FLOOR and not on the handle of the stove. At least the others don't SWING on said towels before pulling them to the floor, then dash away like the hounds of hell are chasing behind. Skywalker is a kisser, too. Kiss kiss kiss, purr purr purr, and he says "yummy yummy yummy" while he eats :). A talker, just like Jasmine. Actually, more than her because he will talk to the other animals when there are no people in the room. He has complete conversations with Ruby, although she mostly sits and looks around nervously while he does all the talking. Max adores him. They play together, and Max would lick the kitty's ears right off if we would let him. Xena? Well. Xena has taken over the closet and pretty much won't let Skywalker look at her. Not that he cares. He tromps through as fast as he can before she can swat him LOL. Now if we can just get him to stop begging for food.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that you have another little furry creature to love. He is one lucky cat, I might add.


Anonymous said...

Oh what a pretty addition to your menagerie. I love his name and am happy that you got him from the pound. You are a good mama Dances.