Saturday, January 09, 2010

Taking a deep breath

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Not exactly yogic breathing, but pretty close. Except I have a bit of a cold, and one nostril is not working properly. If I were to do that thing where you plug a nostril with the opposite hand and breathe through only one I just might smother accidentally. I have not blogged in quite some time, I see. Not intentional. Not due to neglect. I assure you, not due to lack of love or anything. It is the wiring in my brain, messing with me again. I have known something was wrong these past few months, but not sure what and not sure what to do about it. My attitude over christmas solidified it for me though, something was definitely broken and needed fixing. Let me put it this way. I haven't been feeling "myself" for a while now. I thought I was just busy. Stress at work (end of year projects). Stress at home. A cold here. A sinus infection there. A pinch of ear infection on top of that. MIL madness. A death in the family. Was it any wonder I was a little run down? But now I know there is more to it than that. And I am working on it. So. More bloggings to come, okay?