Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fricken spam!

And I don't mean the square can of meat, either. My hotmail account was hijacked AGAIN somehow. So if you got an email from me, and it contained a link to penis enlargement supplies, nicotine treatments, or who knows what all else - IGNORE it and DELETE it. I did not send it, and I have no affiliation with whatever it is. Sheesh!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Turkey Day!

Turkey from Field Gate Organics, bought at Far Flung Foods (Windsor Market Square). It cost over $5.00 per pound, and this is a 14 pound bird.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mmmmmm - soup!

Home made turkey noodle soup for dinner tonight, with panini sandwiches (okay, I just ate the bread with my home made butter - nom nom nom). So far today I have made turkey noodle soup, vegetable soup, and beef broth to make mushroom barley soup.
I bought some yellow peppers to make stuffed peppers, and a nice flat cabbage to make cabbage rolls. I also got the ground pork and beef for both of those items, but I don't think I will be doing any rolling or stuffing today. I plan on freezing servings of the soup and everything else to bring for lunch or for easy dinners later on. When I get the chance I am going to make a batch of chili as well (white bean, turkey).
Something about this time of year makes me want to cook and nest and preserve. Maybe I am part bear, and some genetic trait makes me want to get ready for hibernation?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorry for the hack! And mmmmm....Pizza!

Sorry about the hack post. It must have been sent to my blogger remote address from my address book in hotmail. Not sure how the spam message was sent out, but I am hearing about quite a few people that are getting hit right now. Now to the pizza!
I have always liked the idea of creating things from scratch. Providing items for yourself. Making your own bread (even grinding your own grain, even better, GROWING that grain yourself first). I have even made rope from dried weeds. YES it took a long time. YES the rope was very scratchy and I got bored before I made a very long piece. And YES I need to get out more. Hey, go ahead and laugh. When the zombie apocolypse happens and you need rope to tie something closed, who will be laughing then, hmmmmmmm? But I digress.
For this fully homemade pizza, I did not grow my own grain, nor milk my own cow, nor slaughter my own animals. But I will tell you this.
I made the sauce from tomatoes, oregano, and basil that grew in my garden, and garlic pulled up by my own hands. I mixed the dough myself, using whey that I got from making the cheese. On top of the pizza are pepperoni that I made, italian sausage crumbles from my own recipe, and ham that I cured myself from pork loin. Oh, and green peppers that also grew in my garden. For dessert? Watermelon. Guess where that came from? To give credit where it is due, I have to admit that my home garden was planted and tended by my husband Jeff.
Some day I hope that I will be able to get the milk to make the cheese and whey from my own cow. And to raise the pigs that will become the sausage and the ham. And who knows, maybe even grow the grain that will eventually be ground into flour for the dough.
But for right now? It was the best pizza I have ever made. It technically took weeks (if you include making the pepperoni) or days (if you figure on the making of the cheese and the sauce). Totally worth it!
P.S. - the pizza sauce is green. The pizza looks MUCH better in person, trust me!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Okay, so here's the thing.

I can remember now why it was so hard when I was working from home, doing programming over the interwebs. Programming is hard. The interwebs are slow and frought with peril. It takes focus and concentration and stuff, which is always in short supply these days in my addled brain. Plus the fact that I want to get the stuff done at a reasonable hour, rather than waiting for the interruptions to go to bed *cough* and working into the wee hours. Tonight should be no problem. Interruption number one is at work, and interruption two is upstairs listening to music and drawing. But here's the thing. I forgot about the OTHER interruptions that live here. Ever tried doing some intense computer work with a kitten that thinks laptops are bun warmers, keyboards are for walking across, and likes to head butt your touch screen monitor (every letter is now is gigantic) then lean on it (now the words are like teeny tiny ants, barely visible)? Max doesn't like me working at the dining room table because he can't sit on my lap, so he keeps scratching at me and grunting. Ruby parks her squishy butt on my foot or lies down right where my feet are supposed to be on the floor. It's a conspiracy, I tell 'ya! Enough belly-aching. I have work to do. And a kitten-arse to shove off the laptop. Sigh.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I should have used this day off to do something practical. Like weed the garden. Or clean the house. Perhaps some laundry.
Did I do any of those things? HECK NO!
I slept in, grabbed Tim Hortons, and had F. U. N.
First, I made myself a "mug rug" for my desk at work. I have some bamboo coasters, but they are just not working for me.
A mug rug is a small piece of sewing or quilting that is smaller than a place mat, but larger than a coaster. It is big enough to put a mug (or glass) on one side, and maybe a snack on the other. This is my first attempt at quilting, so pardon the lack of technique.
I don't really have any quilting supplies or tools, and I don't have a special foot for my sewing machine to avoid some buckling and pinching of the layers. But I LOVE IT!
No pattern or anything, just a mish-mash of some things I saw over the internet. Instead of a backing and a binding, this one uses a larger backing that is folded over the edges to make the binding as well. I want to make a few for at home and for presents, so don't worry. I will have a chance to practice binding too!
Here is the back. Those two patches are now hand-sewn down on the back, and I stiched my initials on the border right underneath. I think they add interest, and best of all, they hide some really crappy circles that look great on the front as quilting, but not so much on the back lol!
For the materials, I used two bandanas, and a re-purposed pillow case. I want to try hand quilting the paisley, I think it will buckle less and would be relaxing to do in front of the tv.
Then, I loosely followed this tutorial to make an apron out of some pretty dish towels. They were a dollar each, and I used trimmings from a bandana I used for the mug rug for the ties. I really like this apron, but then again I have an apron fetish. I have several, and I wear them all the time. Sometimes for cooking or crafting, sometimes just while sitting and watching TV so that I don't get covered in pet hair. You know, since I have to have at least two animals sitting on me at a time. Again, there was a bit of pinching/buckling because of the presser foot of my machine, but I still think it turned out awesome!
What did YOU do on your Canada Day?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Feel like a campfire?

Or maybe, you just like campfires for the s'mores.
How about some s'more CUPCAKES.
Cupcake porn!
Now that's a picture for desktop wallpaper, if I've ever seen one!
Recipe here. I used less topping, and I added some graham chunks to the top of the cupcakes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Help Help!

Chicken Attack! They just like my purty boots, is all. Or maybe because I was taking.......THESE! Geeve up ze boots, lady!

Monday, May 09, 2011


Home-made corn tortillas, a filling made with salsa, shredded pork, cheese, and sour cream, a few toothpicks.....and OLE! Well, as close to ole as a French Canadian Polish Russion girl can get ;). I called these flautas, but some people call the ones made with corn tortillas taquitos and reserve flauta for the flour tortilla version (which are usually larger too). To me, a taquito has very little filling, mostly just meat, and they are rolled very very tightly. Also, they are much smaller (one or two bites). But what does a gringa know, really. These were easier to make than I thought. I worried that the innards would get very greasy because the ends are just left open. But they didn't taste greasy at all. Crispy on the outside, the inside was juicy and flavourful, and some of the thicker parts of the tortilla (hey, give me a break. I do the best I can LOL) had a distinct tamale vibe. YUM. Will definitely do this again some time, maybe for appetizers and make a much bigger batch. Not often, after all they ARE fried. DD's review? "Meh. I ate them. Now I'm going to have a bowl of Special K". Kid doesn't know what's good.

Friday, April 22, 2011

It must be GOOD FRIDAY!

And how do I know? Because the house smells like Easter Bread, of course!
I made one batch. And I got three gigantic loaves, and a ring loaf (not pictured).
Plus two dozen buns.
And four half loaves.
Look at that, man oh man! The darker colour is from the sugar I used - "whole brown sugar". It is very dark and has a complex, almost raisiny flavour which I thought would go well in the bread. And I am not wrong, BTW. How do I know? Well, I couldn't just let that little bun sit there with it's easter bread guts hanging out, could I? It was a mercy eating....I swear it!
Just note: I made some changes to the recipe I normally use. The whole brown sugar, and I kneaded it more and added more flour than we usually would. I have worked with bread a bit more now, and wanted to see what the bread would be like if I treated it like I would other bread - kneading in flour until it is soft and supply and only maybe a tiny bit sticky. I also slashed the loaves to see if I would get "oven spring". The flavour is still straight up Easter Bread like I remember (as the that heavenly aroma as it bakes!). But the texture inside is flossy and fluffy and......
*Oh look. I think I see a mis-shaped bun.* I'd better "dispose" of that before somebody sees it. Ahem.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bake Sale Time!

So. What does one make for two separate bake sales? One with a spring theme, and the other to benefit a wildlife rescue?
Birdie cookies, of course! And birds nests.
Not to mention flowers...
Some trefoils, and some cookies that are just cheerful.
I am pooped, but the cookies are baked and cooled and packaged, and ready to go. I have to admit though.......they are purty!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is it cold, or is it hot?

Cold - put on a coat. Now the sun is out, and it is hot - strip down before you melt. Ooh, now it's cold again - brrr, where is my scarf. Really, the weather has to choose one or the other. For goodness sakes, before we all bloom like a box of improperly stored chocolates!
We turned the heat off and opened the windows on Sunday. You know, because it was almost NINETY DEGREES outside. It cooled down Monday, but we figured how much cooler will it get after a balmy day like that? Now we know. When I woke up this morning, the house was 60 degrees. I turned the heat back on (so I wouldn't die of hypothermia after taking a nice hot shower), and Skywalker came flying across the room to sit on the register and warm his frozen backside. Poor thing ;).
That little guy likes it warm. His favourite nap spot is on top of the DVR unit, which is always practically hot to the touch. He also likes to snuggle between the two snorty heating pads - aka the pugs. Max is always warm and squishy. He has the hottest armpits of any dog I know. We don't need to discuss why I know the relative temp of his armpits, mmmmmkay?
On Sunday, the house got quite warm (even with the windows open). I found Skywalker spread out completely flat on the laminate floor, on his belly. I almost panicked, he's never done that before! Then I realized I've never seen him hot before LOL.
Since I dream of actual spring, here is a picture I took recently in California.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Is there anything cuter?

Is there anything more adorable, than a Ruby with a new chewie?
She will carry it around like that for a while...proudly showing it off to anyone that will look. She prances from room to room, tail wagging, happy snorts aplenty.
Eventually she will place it in front of the couch, then plunk herself down and give us meaningful stares and a good sneezing/snotting. This is klingon for "please lift me onto the couch, make sure I am comfey, then hold on to my chewie so I can gnaw on it in comfort".
I'll lift and arrange and supply the chewie, but no way will I hold it while she chews. I mean, I have to set SOME boundaries after all ;).

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Space boots

I finally bought myself winter boots today. It was a choice of ONE pair. Oh, they had lots of winter boots still. Winter boots made of suede with 4 inch heels. The kind of boots that LOOK nice, but are really not made to be worn outside, in the weather and stuff. These boots are flats and shiny and silver, like spaceman boots. I put them on and tromped around the store while DD pretended not to be with me. I figure if they embarassed her that much......then they are PERFECT! Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaaa! Perhaps I should find my technicolour knitted coat. Between that and the Space Man Spiff boots, it would be impossible to lose me in the snow! We have a winter camp this week-end with the Brownies and plan on snow-shoeing. I am gonna be the purtiest snow-shoe-er at camp, I'll bet. If the girls will be seen with me ;).

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Pardon the shot down my frontal area. Some quick footage of Skywalker. video

I tried to get some video of Skywalker shmoozing DH and licking his nose but I did something wrong and only ended up with a single still shot. Cats have tongues like sandpaper, and when Skywalker gives kisses it feels like you are getting dermabrasion - he presses that hard LOL. It kind of looks like he is biting DH's nose, doesn't it?

Don't worry, no DH's were harmed in the making of this blog posting ;)

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Blood work tomorrow

Ah, I love the smell of alcohol swabs in the morning ;).
I never know if I am supposed to take my night time and morning meds when I am "Fasting". The morning meds can wait until after, but if I had to start fasting at 8:00pm (anticipating the blood draw for 8:00am which is 12 hours) and I go to bed at I take my stuff or not?
There is nothing immediately life threatening that I take at night so it's no big deal and I won't take them just in case. But it would be helpful to know. And I am sure I have asked and gotten the answer, I supposed to remember that answer all. on. my. OWN? *Huff*
Gratuitous Skywalker picture:

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Got more snow today

It started snowing again today. A nicer, fluffier snow....not the frozen pellets blowing around like little needles. I think we got another two inches. DH brought DD and some of her friends skating, and I was expecting them all back for dinner so I made beef stew in the pressure cooker. Boy, did the house smell good! The dogs kept walking through the kitchen, sniffing the air LOL.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Well, there was no snow day.

At least not for me! Oh well. I got stuck at the bottom of our driveway. But once I was pushed out of that and made it over a drift on the corner, it was pretty smooth sailing. I had a dickens of a time sleeping last night. I kept waking up cold. The house was fine (heat wise) and I had more than my share of covers. But for some reason I was chilled. Odd, because lately I have night sweats and wake up dripping and overheated. Being as Max wasn't cuddled up to me like a baby monkey, I know for sure the room wasn't just colder than normal. When the bedroom is cold, he gets so close I swear he's trying to absorb right into me LOL. Then today, I moved spots at work. They are renovating, and some of us have to play musical cubicles every so many weeks. This time though, I will be sharing an office. There was a cart available, and I made use of it. But the distance between the two spots and the need for multiple didn't take long before my hair was soaked with sweat. I HATE feeling that way in dress clothes, man! I took a bit of a breather and had a cold glass of water, then was immediately chilled to the bone. I still don't feel as though I've warmed up. It is all very odd....bum bum buuuummmmmmmm! Doctor's appointment next week, and a physical next month. Maybe I'll have him check my thermostat ;).

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Will there be a snow day?

Perhaps. All we can do is wait and see. Heck, I won't say no to a day of snuggling on the couch, knitting, and reading on the net.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Note to self - Jan 26 2011

Remember not to wear slippery dress pants when you have a hair appointment right after work. The chairs there are high, and have leather (vinyl?) upholstery. I spent the whole time under the drawer with one leg stretched out, my toe barely touching the floor, trying to keep from sliding off. I have been fidgeting here trying to get comfortable. There is a stitch in my side (kind of like you get when you sit sideways for too long, but I haven't been sitting sideways). Just dawned on me that it's probably muscle fatigue from perching on that seat while my colour was setting. My leg will probably be dragging tomorrow - it's such a fancy business look. Why don't I just weed all the slippery pants out of my wardrobe? Because under normal circumstances my slipperies are a great help. Like when I am getting in and out of the car. No having to lift my other leg onto or off of the seat. Pet hair? No problem. Slippery pants are practically teflon against dog and cat hair and other linty type stuff. And they make a real cool "swsh swsh swsh" when you walk. I like things that make fun noises when I walk. Slippy pants are easy to put on in the morning while hopping around trying to keep my balance and avoiding landing on a dog paw (or squishing the kitty). I can usually get them up before I fall over....any impedence and there could be a catastrophe involving me landing on my head. Or getting wedged between the hamper and the litter box. *shudder* So other than not wearing them on hair appointment days (and of course, not wearing them in tandem with slippery undies, which causes a whole batch of OTHER problems) I'll keep them on hand.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wise calorie counting

Healthy breakfast (1/2 toasted bagel with 1 tbsp light cream cheese, tea with a touch of skim milk) - CHECK!
Healthy lunch (1/2 cup cooked millet with sauteed mushrooms and onions mixed with two cups of organic baby greens, and a squeeze of lemon juice) - CHECK!
Healthy low calorie snack (1 tiny tangerine, a glass of ice water) - CHECK!
Calorie conscious, filling dinner (low calorie cereal with skim milk) - CHECK!
Final cream float (Dr. Pepper and vanilla ice cream). CHEck........what do you mean that this doesn't fit? Why do you think we suffered all day long? Half a bagel, diet cereal, skim milk?!?!?! Geeze.
Tee hee!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Heart Stealers

Have you seen anything cuter? "Somebody" wanted on my lap this morning, and was quite dismayed that there was no room. If it had been the newspaper he would have just plopped right on, crumple crumple crumple. But no, it was the lapdesk holding a keyboard.
I moved the lapdesk. That face is impossible to resist!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet Snores

If you listen carefully, you hear Ruby snore first, then Max. Then Ruby, then Max again. Some mornings it's almost impossible to keep my eyes open while reading the paper. Positively hypnotic. At night, we have more of a three part chorus that includes DH rofl! video