Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Note to self - Jan 26 2011

Remember not to wear slippery dress pants when you have a hair appointment right after work. The chairs there are high, and have leather (vinyl?) upholstery. I spent the whole time under the drawer with one leg stretched out, my toe barely touching the floor, trying to keep from sliding off. I have been fidgeting here trying to get comfortable. There is a stitch in my side (kind of like you get when you sit sideways for too long, but I haven't been sitting sideways). Just dawned on me that it's probably muscle fatigue from perching on that seat while my colour was setting. My leg will probably be dragging tomorrow - it's such a fancy business look. Why don't I just weed all the slippery pants out of my wardrobe? Because under normal circumstances my slipperies are a great help. Like when I am getting in and out of the car. No having to lift my other leg onto or off of the seat. Pet hair? No problem. Slippery pants are practically teflon against dog and cat hair and other linty type stuff. And they make a real cool "swsh swsh swsh" when you walk. I like things that make fun noises when I walk. Slippy pants are easy to put on in the morning while hopping around trying to keep my balance and avoiding landing on a dog paw (or squishing the kitty). I can usually get them up before I fall over....any impedence and there could be a catastrophe involving me landing on my head. Or getting wedged between the hamper and the litter box. *shudder* So other than not wearing them on hair appointment days (and of course, not wearing them in tandem with slippery undies, which causes a whole batch of OTHER problems) I'll keep them on hand.

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