Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wise calorie counting

Healthy breakfast (1/2 toasted bagel with 1 tbsp light cream cheese, tea with a touch of skim milk) - CHECK!
Healthy lunch (1/2 cup cooked millet with sauteed mushrooms and onions mixed with two cups of organic baby greens, and a squeeze of lemon juice) - CHECK!
Healthy low calorie snack (1 tiny tangerine, a glass of ice water) - CHECK!
Calorie conscious, filling dinner (low calorie cereal with skim milk) - CHECK!
Final snack.....ice cream float (Dr. Pepper and vanilla ice cream). CHEck........what do you mean that this doesn't fit? Why do you think we suffered all day long? Half a bagel, diet cereal, skim milk?!?!?! Geeze.
Tee hee!


Anonymous said...

How cute! I see that Skywalker is getting along famously with her "siblings".


Nita said...

That diet sounds about right to me. Hope you enjoyed your ice cream float.