Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Space boots

I finally bought myself winter boots today. It was a choice of ONE pair. Oh, they had lots of winter boots still. Winter boots made of suede with 4 inch heels. The kind of boots that LOOK nice, but are really not made to be worn outside, in the weather and stuff. These boots are flats and shiny and silver, like spaceman boots. I put them on and tromped around the store while DD pretended not to be with me. I figure if they embarassed her that much......then they are PERFECT! Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaaa! Perhaps I should find my technicolour knitted coat. Between that and the Space Man Spiff boots, it would be impossible to lose me in the snow! We have a winter camp this week-end with the Brownies and plan on snow-shoeing. I am gonna be the purtiest snow-shoe-er at camp, I'll bet. If the girls will be seen with me ;).

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Anonymous said...

Carry on, Space Mama! :)