Thursday, February 03, 2011

Well, there was no snow day.

At least not for me! Oh well. I got stuck at the bottom of our driveway. But once I was pushed out of that and made it over a drift on the corner, it was pretty smooth sailing. I had a dickens of a time sleeping last night. I kept waking up cold. The house was fine (heat wise) and I had more than my share of covers. But for some reason I was chilled. Odd, because lately I have night sweats and wake up dripping and overheated. Being as Max wasn't cuddled up to me like a baby monkey, I know for sure the room wasn't just colder than normal. When the bedroom is cold, he gets so close I swear he's trying to absorb right into me LOL. Then today, I moved spots at work. They are renovating, and some of us have to play musical cubicles every so many weeks. This time though, I will be sharing an office. There was a cart available, and I made use of it. But the distance between the two spots and the need for multiple didn't take long before my hair was soaked with sweat. I HATE feeling that way in dress clothes, man! I took a bit of a breather and had a cold glass of water, then was immediately chilled to the bone. I still don't feel as though I've warmed up. It is all very odd....bum bum buuuummmmmmmm! Doctor's appointment next week, and a physical next month. Maybe I'll have him check my thermostat ;).

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