Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Is it cold, or is it hot?

Cold - put on a coat. Now the sun is out, and it is hot - strip down before you melt. Ooh, now it's cold again - brrr, where is my scarf. Really, the weather has to choose one or the other. For goodness sakes, before we all bloom like a box of improperly stored chocolates!
We turned the heat off and opened the windows on Sunday. You know, because it was almost NINETY DEGREES outside. It cooled down Monday, but we figured how much cooler will it get after a balmy day like that? Now we know. When I woke up this morning, the house was 60 degrees. I turned the heat back on (so I wouldn't die of hypothermia after taking a nice hot shower), and Skywalker came flying across the room to sit on the register and warm his frozen backside. Poor thing ;).
That little guy likes it warm. His favourite nap spot is on top of the DVR unit, which is always practically hot to the touch. He also likes to snuggle between the two snorty heating pads - aka the pugs. Max is always warm and squishy. He has the hottest armpits of any dog I know. We don't need to discuss why I know the relative temp of his armpits, mmmmmkay?
On Sunday, the house got quite warm (even with the windows open). I found Skywalker spread out completely flat on the laminate floor, on his belly. I almost panicked, he's never done that before! Then I realized I've never seen him hot before LOL.
Since I dream of actual spring, here is a picture I took recently in California.

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