Friday, April 22, 2011

It must be GOOD FRIDAY!

And how do I know? Because the house smells like Easter Bread, of course!
I made one batch. And I got three gigantic loaves, and a ring loaf (not pictured).
Plus two dozen buns.
And four half loaves.
Look at that, man oh man! The darker colour is from the sugar I used - "whole brown sugar". It is very dark and has a complex, almost raisiny flavour which I thought would go well in the bread. And I am not wrong, BTW. How do I know? Well, I couldn't just let that little bun sit there with it's easter bread guts hanging out, could I? It was a mercy eating....I swear it!
Just note: I made some changes to the recipe I normally use. The whole brown sugar, and I kneaded it more and added more flour than we usually would. I have worked with bread a bit more now, and wanted to see what the bread would be like if I treated it like I would other bread - kneading in flour until it is soft and supply and only maybe a tiny bit sticky. I also slashed the loaves to see if I would get "oven spring". The flavour is still straight up Easter Bread like I remember (as the that heavenly aroma as it bakes!). But the texture inside is flossy and fluffy and......
*Oh look. I think I see a mis-shaped bun.* I'd better "dispose" of that before somebody sees it. Ahem.

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Anonymous said...

The bread looks wonderful. I could swear the aroma is coming through the computer screen!