Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I should have used this day off to do something practical. Like weed the garden. Or clean the house. Perhaps some laundry.
Did I do any of those things? HECK NO!
I slept in, grabbed Tim Hortons, and had F. U. N.
First, I made myself a "mug rug" for my desk at work. I have some bamboo coasters, but they are just not working for me.
A mug rug is a small piece of sewing or quilting that is smaller than a place mat, but larger than a coaster. It is big enough to put a mug (or glass) on one side, and maybe a snack on the other. This is my first attempt at quilting, so pardon the lack of technique.
I don't really have any quilting supplies or tools, and I don't have a special foot for my sewing machine to avoid some buckling and pinching of the layers. But I LOVE IT!
No pattern or anything, just a mish-mash of some things I saw over the internet. Instead of a backing and a binding, this one uses a larger backing that is folded over the edges to make the binding as well. I want to make a few for at home and for presents, so don't worry. I will have a chance to practice binding too!
Here is the back. Those two patches are now hand-sewn down on the back, and I stiched my initials on the border right underneath. I think they add interest, and best of all, they hide some really crappy circles that look great on the front as quilting, but not so much on the back lol!
For the materials, I used two bandanas, and a re-purposed pillow case. I want to try hand quilting the paisley, I think it will buckle less and would be relaxing to do in front of the tv.
Then, I loosely followed this tutorial to make an apron out of some pretty dish towels. They were a dollar each, and I used trimmings from a bandana I used for the mug rug for the ties. I really like this apron, but then again I have an apron fetish. I have several, and I wear them all the time. Sometimes for cooking or crafting, sometimes just while sitting and watching TV so that I don't get covered in pet hair. You know, since I have to have at least two animals sitting on me at a time. Again, there was a bit of pinching/buckling because of the presser foot of my machine, but I still think it turned out awesome!
What did YOU do on your Canada Day?

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