Monday, July 04, 2011

Okay, so here's the thing.

I can remember now why it was so hard when I was working from home, doing programming over the interwebs. Programming is hard. The interwebs are slow and frought with peril. It takes focus and concentration and stuff, which is always in short supply these days in my addled brain. Plus the fact that I want to get the stuff done at a reasonable hour, rather than waiting for the interruptions to go to bed *cough* and working into the wee hours. Tonight should be no problem. Interruption number one is at work, and interruption two is upstairs listening to music and drawing. But here's the thing. I forgot about the OTHER interruptions that live here. Ever tried doing some intense computer work with a kitten that thinks laptops are bun warmers, keyboards are for walking across, and likes to head butt your touch screen monitor (every letter is now is gigantic) then lean on it (now the words are like teeny tiny ants, barely visible)? Max doesn't like me working at the dining room table because he can't sit on my lap, so he keeps scratching at me and grunting. Ruby parks her squishy butt on my foot or lies down right where my feet are supposed to be on the floor. It's a conspiracy, I tell 'ya! Enough belly-aching. I have work to do. And a kitten-arse to shove off the laptop. Sigh.

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girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Miss you blogging.. hope everything is good with you & your family!