Monday, May 09, 2011


Home-made corn tortillas, a filling made with salsa, shredded pork, cheese, and sour cream, a few toothpicks.....and OLE! Well, as close to ole as a French Canadian Polish Russion girl can get ;). I called these flautas, but some people call the ones made with corn tortillas taquitos and reserve flauta for the flour tortilla version (which are usually larger too). To me, a taquito has very little filling, mostly just meat, and they are rolled very very tightly. Also, they are much smaller (one or two bites). But what does a gringa know, really. These were easier to make than I thought. I worried that the innards would get very greasy because the ends are just left open. But they didn't taste greasy at all. Crispy on the outside, the inside was juicy and flavourful, and some of the thicker parts of the tortilla (hey, give me a break. I do the best I can LOL) had a distinct tamale vibe. YUM. Will definitely do this again some time, maybe for appetizers and make a much bigger batch. Not often, after all they ARE fried. DD's review? "Meh. I ate them. Now I'm going to have a bowl of Special K". Kid doesn't know what's good.