Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sorry for the hack! And mmmmm....Pizza!

Sorry about the hack post. It must have been sent to my blogger remote address from my address book in hotmail. Not sure how the spam message was sent out, but I am hearing about quite a few people that are getting hit right now. Now to the pizza!
I have always liked the idea of creating things from scratch. Providing items for yourself. Making your own bread (even grinding your own grain, even better, GROWING that grain yourself first). I have even made rope from dried weeds. YES it took a long time. YES the rope was very scratchy and I got bored before I made a very long piece. And YES I need to get out more. Hey, go ahead and laugh. When the zombie apocolypse happens and you need rope to tie something closed, who will be laughing then, hmmmmmmm? But I digress.
For this fully homemade pizza, I did not grow my own grain, nor milk my own cow, nor slaughter my own animals. But I will tell you this.
I made the sauce from tomatoes, oregano, and basil that grew in my garden, and garlic pulled up by my own hands. I mixed the dough myself, using whey that I got from making the cheese. On top of the pizza are pepperoni that I made, italian sausage crumbles from my own recipe, and ham that I cured myself from pork loin. Oh, and green peppers that also grew in my garden. For dessert? Watermelon. Guess where that came from? To give credit where it is due, I have to admit that my home garden was planted and tended by my husband Jeff.
Some day I hope that I will be able to get the milk to make the cheese and whey from my own cow. And to raise the pigs that will become the sausage and the ham. And who knows, maybe even grow the grain that will eventually be ground into flour for the dough.
But for right now? It was the best pizza I have ever made. It technically took weeks (if you include making the pepperoni) or days (if you figure on the making of the cheese and the sauce). Totally worth it!
P.S. - the pizza sauce is green. The pizza looks MUCH better in person, trust me!