Friday, April 20, 2012

Chicken Duty

It was my night to go out to the chicken co-op coop.  The deal is, you go, fill the water and the food, clean up a bit, do whatever needs doing.  Then you collect up all the eggs for the day as your reward!  Usually when I go, I have lots of yummy treats for the chickies.

I put down the bag for a moment while putting on my shoes, and Max decided the chickens wouldn't mind sharing the loot.  He just can't resist cooked green beans.
Usually I bring the treats out to the end of the run.  The plan is to keep them busy so I can get into the enclosure without being trampled by a flock of chickens.  That is the idea anyway, whether it works or not is debateable.  Some things are overwhelmingly popular with this group.  Anything green.  Grapes go over real well.  Pasta and rice are also beloved.  I didn't have any yogurt to bring today, but when I do it is a free for all!  Heads bob in and out of the container in a blur, feathers and combs are covered, yogurt is flung with glee.  Seriously man, coveralls and eye protection are suggested.
I like this time with the chickens.  They make happy little chicken noises.  When they find something they particularly enjoy, they let out a little "oh!".  It cracks me up!  They spend their unattended time in the runs and the small area around the coop.  When people are at the farm, they "free range" - meaning roam around causing destruction and mayhem to the garden beds!
Do you see the nice mound of sticks and straw and leaf compost covering a planting of baby potatoes?  No?  BECAUSE THE CHICKENS DESTROYED IT.  Scattered all my nice branches to the four winds, and ate every last little marble sized potato.  Notice they left the thistles, and my 'pathways' made from pine branches.  A row of snow fencing has since been added in the hopes of keeping the little beggars out of the garden beds.  We shall see how well it works - the chickens might remember they can fly ;)

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