Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pilfered Peas

While at the WECSA farm today, I happened to notice that there were quite a few peas that were ready.  I did not plant them.  I don't know if the person that did plant them had a plan for them.  I do know that I was there, it was about to get dark, and the chances anybody would be coming tonight were quite slim.  Picking those peas was a public service really, as they would be bloated and yellow by tomorrow.  Or not.  But why take that chance?!?!?

Actually, I am only joking about pilfering.  We share everything out there.  Go out, do some work, harvest what you want that is ready.  That is pretty much how it works.

Now, these are shelling peas, not sugar snap peas.  Sugar snaps are edible podded, in that they have a sweet, crisp, and entirely edible pod.  You can eat them at any stage, small and skinny like a snow pea, a little fatter with tiny peas inside that pop like caviar in your mouth, or fully mature and plump with full grown peas.  Shelling peas have a plastic like lining inside the pod that makes them unpleasant to eat.  And it is a shame, since the pods really do taste good when they are fresh picked and juicy.

I have a special technique to peel that tough membrane away so that I can eat/use the pod.  Some people eat sunflower seeds or peanuts in the shell.  I peel and eat pea pods!

If you don't feel like fiddling with them, I discovered last year that chickens LOVE the hulls.  You don't even have to chop them.  A whole shopping bag full disappeared in seconds.  You could also compost them, or use them to make a sweet pea stock - which I have never ever done LOL.

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philippa said...

The plan was that people would stop by & do exactly what you did. I put them there for pilfering.

I wish people would pick more of the lettuce and spinach though. I'm ready to move on to the next crop & need the space cleared out a little.