Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wildlife encounters of the alien kind

The most wonderous things I have ever seen in our yard would be praying manti.  I don't know how we were blessed with them, but most years we see at least one or two.  It always delights me to see them when they are small, tiny things taking a run for it across the porch or patio.  You could almost mistake them for a light green snippet of grass blowing along in the breeze.  But then you spot that triangular alien head LOL!  There seem to be quite a few little ones running around right now.

There is one that seems to like one of our hanging baskets, it's about an inch long and still very light green.  I keep trying to get a picture, but he moves so fast.  It's like he knows what I am trying to do, and wants to tease me.  Tonight I was deadheading some of the flowers in that basket, and he came out and gave me a look!  When I stopped, he went back in amongst the leaves.
It's the basket on the left.  And yes, smarty pants, I am aware that my hanging baskets are not, in fact, hanging.  Right now they are SITTING baskets, and the hooks are being used to anchor them to the chairs in an effort to keep them from blowing away.  Our yard is like a wind tunnel.  We have several shepard hook type devices in our yard, but they are all in places where I cannot easily see the baskets on a daily basis.  And if these babies have any hope of ever being watered, I must be forced to bear witness to their parched and droopy cries for help as part of my regular meanderings.

We will move one of the hooks, once I decide where I want the baskets to go.  Decisions, decisions.  Of course, I have to decide before the praying mantis gets too much bigger and I am afraid to go near the thing to move it.  There is something horrifying about a bug longer than your hand that pivots his head to watch you walk by.  Never mind finding out that those suckers FLY, and have enough weight that you feel them land on you.  *momentary break in case you, like me, need a moment to shriek inwardly while doing the heebie jeebie dance*.  For now he is small, and cute, so still allowed to be located that close to the front door.

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