Friday, June 22, 2012

Double Double toil and Trouble

This is what happens when you attempt to double a recipe and do not write it out with new measurements.  You see, I doubled everything fine.  Except for the butter.  I had it in my head I needed a cup of butter (which is correctly doubled, as the recipe called for 1/2 cup).
When warming said butter, my brain said "You need one cup.  One cup doubled is TWO cups".  So in effect, I doubled every other ingredient and quadrupled the butter!  I checked to see how far they were spreading, making sure I was spacing them correctly.  Imagine my shock when I saw THIS:

I was laughing so hysterically DD and DH came up to see what was going on.  I got a lecture from DH about doubling recipes, then he giggled because it is the same lecture I have given him in the past LOL!  Not enough ingredients to mess around trying to correct the mistake, into the garbage it had to go.  Trust me, it almost killed me.  A POUND of butter!  At least I had bought it on sale - a small measure of comfort.

Next problem?  No more butter to start again.  Bake sale tomorrow.  Late.  What to do?

Shhhhhhh.  I cannot believe I did this.  We had some butter flavour shortening left over from chocolate chip cookies DH made.  I do NOT use hydrogenated vegetable oil/shortening as a rule, and I won't put anything made with it in my mouth.  I sold my soul to the cookie gods, and made a new batch using the shortening.  I added salt to the recipe to make up for what would have been in the butter.
The shape is much better!  I won't post the recipe until I have a chance to try it with the proper ingredients, and I daresay I won't be tasting any of these cookies.  They look good.  My house smells like kettle corn cooked in palm oil - sounds pleasant as long as you like kettle corn, and I hate it ROFL.

Oh, and I did double the recipe again, this time writing out the new measurements and double checking.  Don't worry, DH shook his head at me in shame - tee hee!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I hate drippiness!

I have to find myself an insulated water bottle.  I absolutely hate drinking from something that is dripping with condensation.  I.  HATE. IT.

I hate the drips on my clothes, the wet ring on the table, having to wipe my fingertips after putting the thing down.

We have some of those double wall cups with the removable lid and hard plastic straw that kind of look like take out cups.  And I really like those.  They insulate well so your drink stays cold, and they do NOT sweat on the outside.  I find them a bit hard to carry around outside though, like when I am working in the garden.

What kind of water container do you use?